The underwater scooter has many advantages for the diver.

Indeed, a scuba scooter is very used for long explorations, while limiting the effort of the diver and consequently the consumption of gas.

Thanks to the underwater scooter, the diver can have a range of up to 9 hours. This is an extraordinary way to extend the discovery of diving and a safety element for the diver to avoid shortness of breath. Especially useful in closed circuit rebreather.

We chose the SEACRAFT scooter brand, made in Poland. The SEACRAFT Future and Ghost scooters are the first submarine scooters to have an engine running in the water, limiting the leakage problems of other technologies.

The DIVERTUG DPV brand is made in Spain and for the recreational diver. The DT12, DT24, DT36 underwater scooters in buy / sell among the cheapest on the market.

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