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i-Divesite is specialized in the design and manufacturing of diving LED lights and accessories for underwater photography as flashes and smartphones and GoPro housings.

The particularity of those scuba accessories is the innovation and technicity. As an example, the Venom C92 and Venom V50 scuba lights have a remote control which will be very useful for the underwater photographer.

The i-Divesite brand is sold under i-Torch for diving lights, i-Das for arm systems and photo accessories, i-Pix for underwater housings for smartphones and GoPro.

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Reference: ITORCH-IDAS MTLC-0420-1000

Brand: I-Torch

Lithium I-Torch PRO6 + and V25 battery charger

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I-Torch 4.2 Volt battery charger. For lithium 32650 I-torch batteries from PRO6 + and V25 headlights. The charger must be powered by an external 1A charger

Price €25.00
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