The diving fin is the essential accessory for the male or female diver. The fin allows the diver to propel himself underwater. The force of propulsion depends on the fin, i.e. the length of the fin and the width of the fin as well as its rigidity.

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There are several types of diving fins

  • The swimming fin for the sport of swimming is often a shoe fin for excellent foot support. 
  • The fin for scuba diving is often an adjustable fin, i.e. it is open at the back and allows for adjustment of the fit according to the diving shoe used.
  • There are heavyweight adjustable fins that can be used with a wet suit. In addition, some fins have an adjustable stainless steel spring strap at the back and a large foot pocket for use with a wetsuit or neoprene.
  • For freediving, there are freediving fins specially designed for this activity. Freediving fins are generally long, very flexible and powerful fins to minimise the diver's effort.
  • Monofins are also widely used for freediving or pool exercise, or even for the use of mermaids...

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