Stainless steel bottles

Purchase a Mizu bottle and respect our planet !

Each scuba diver is concerned by the pollution generated by the wastes. So many times, we are using for our spare water some plastic bottles which create a lot of pollution when manufactured and recycled.

The Mizu bottles is an high tech and durable alternative. The Mizu tanks are realized in food compatible stainless steel 18/8, the highest stainless steel grade made from 18% of chrome and 8% of nickel. All the stainless steel grade have not the same values. The stainless steel used by Mizu is used in most of the kitchens and cooking devices because it is durable, easy to clean and corrosion resistant, including the salt atmosphere we have around when diving.

The Mizu stainless steel grade do not let any taste because any chemical product is going to the liquid or food, which is not the case of plastic or aluminium bottles.

The Mizu bottles have been designed fot a low impact on the environment. In fact, the stainless steel used is the n°1 most recylced over the world containing up to 25% of recycled stainless steel.

Mizu is offering a wide range of bottles tha can contain cold and hot liquid and keep them hot for 12h and cold up to 24h.

You need your own personlized bottle ? Just ask us !

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