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Beuchat Wetsuits: Explore the Depths with Comfort and Performance 

Beuchat, a renowned French brand since 1893, offers a wide range of wetsuits for men and women, designed to meet the needs of all divers, from beginner to advanced. Whether you're looking for a wetsuit for recreational diving, spearfishing or technical diving, Beuchat has the perfect suit for you.

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Comfort and performance

Beuchat wetsuits are made from high-quality neoprene, offering excellent thermal protection and unrivalled comfort. Anatomical, preformed cuts fit the body perfectly, guaranteeing freedom of movement. Reinforced, taped seams ensure extra durability.

Suits for every need

Beuchat offers a variety of wetsuit models to suit all types of diving and all water temperatures.

Men's Focea Comfort 6 wetsuits: Ideal for recreational diving and spearfishing in temperate waters, Focea Comfort wetsuits offer excellent value for money. Available in different neoprene thicknesses and with or without hood.

Beuchat 7mm Optima men's hooded wetsuit: Designed for cold-water diving, Ultrasoft wetsuits offer maximum thermal protection and incomparable comfort. They are made from ultra-flexible, stretch neoprene for optimum freedom of movement.

Specialty Wetsuits: Beuchat also offers specialty wetsuits for technical diving, wreck diving and freediving.

Find the wetsuit that's right for you

To choose the Beuchat wetsuit that's right for you, it's important to consider several factors:

  • The type of diving you do
  • Water temperature
  • Your comfort level
  • Your budget

Feel free to consult our buying guides and contact our teams for personalized advice.


Your trusted diving partner

For over 130 years, Beuchat has been committed to providing divers with superior quality equipment. Beuchat wetsuits are renowned for their comfort, performance and durability.+

Discover the full range of Beuchat wetsuits and find the perfect fit for your next underwater adventure !

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