MIFLEX is an Italian manufacturer of diving hoses. It was MIFLEX that introduced the first Xtreme hoses with a braided sheath to the market more than 10 years ago, giving them flexibility, lightness and a colorful design. 100% of the production is done in-house and tested.

The hoses offered are medium pressure hoses for pressure regulators or inflators but also high pressure hoses for pressure gauges. 

The core of the MIFLEX hoses is made of low polyether polyurethane, very resistant to the aggression of the marine environment.

The latest hose on the market is the XT-Tech model, designed for technical divers who prefer a smoother outer diameter and less flexibility.

The MIFLEX range of hoses is available as follows

  • Miflex Xtreme: medium pressure hoses for regulators, inflators and rebreathers
  • Miflex Carbon HD : high pressure hoses for pressure gauges
  • Miflex XT-Tech: for technical and professional divers.
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