Buy all o-rings for scuba diving at the best price.

O-rings are widely used in scuba diving. They are defined by an inner diameter and a diameter of the torus or section, often associated with a diminutive.

For example, diving cylinder valve seals are often R19s, for dive valve inserts, o'rings R9 and R10 are very often used.

Two parameters are also very important in the choice of dive O-rings.

The hardness of an O-ring expressed in Shore hardness. We sell O-rings at 70 Shore for medium pressure and O-rings with hardness 90sh for high pressure.

Finally, it is important to note that for AIR use, it is recommended the use of Nitrile (NBR) seals and for oxygen-rich diving compounds such as Nitrox or Oxygen, the use of Viton (FKM) dipped O-rings is imperative.

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