Thread and cylindrical ring and plug gages

All cylindrical and threaded plugs and rings gage for the annual scuba diving tanks, valves and regulators inspection. The TIV (Technician in Visual Inspection) carries out each year the visit of the diving cylinders and the diving valves. The operation is more commonly described as "the TIV" in diving clubs.

On the cylinder side, it is necessary to check the threads and make sure that they are within the standard. You will find the M25x2 ring and thread gages, the M18x1.5 gages in the "GO gage" and "NO GO gage" versions.

To check the conformity of the diving valves, threaded gages M25x2 or M18x1.5 will be required as well as M25x2 cylindrical gages and M18x1.5 cylindrical gages "GO gage" and "NO GO gage".

For the TIV check of the outlet of DIN valves, a DIN 5/8 threaded plug gage is required "GO gage" and "NO GO gage".

These TIV checking fixtures are expensive. That is why we offer to engrave your TIV checking fixtures free of charge.

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