It is important in the practice of scubadiving to protect yourself from the cold, during the dive but also on the boat or the beach.

The sub-combinations thus make it possible to protect themselves from the cold thanks to the polar materials specially conceived for the nautical activities.

These clothes can also be used in warm waters like lycra to protect themselves from the sun.

It is important for optimal efficiacy that the garment is very close to the body.

We chose the ENTH DEGREE clothing brand of Australian origin, because of the exceptional materials used. The Fernotherm3 which is a waterproof polar material and the Activlex which allows extreme flexibility in all directions.

ENTH DEGREE manufactures a very wide range such as sleeveless top, short sleeve top, long sleeve top, single piece, hood shorty, hooded under jacket, under jacket without hood, hood shorty, mouse ....

ENTH DEGREE underwear has the advantage of exceptional cut and finish, modern design and highly technical materials.

Each garment is sold with a waterproof bag very useful for water activities.

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