The Light&Motion Sola Dive are LED dive lights with a whole host of features. The Sola Dive was designed by divers looking for efficiency and light quality. The body is made from injection-moulded plastic and the head is made from aluminium to dissipate heat. An ingenious pull-switch system makes it very easy to switch on the Light&Motion Sola Dive headlamp, and also to switch from a concentrated beam mode to a wide beam mode with just an index finger in the case of dual-beam headlamps. A quarter turn of the switch locks the headlamp. In terms of power and quality of light, Light&Motion is the only company to measure the claimed performance. The angles quoted are the actual angles in the water. Technically, the choice has been made to provide constant light output throughout the dive, even if this means reducing the range of the dive light. The entire range of Sola Dive lights includes a Goodman handle that allows divers to keep their hands free during the dive. Sola Dive headlamps are charged without opening the headlamp, using two external contacts.

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