The dive watch is an indispensable element for the diver to measure his diving time.

They must be waterproof at least 100m deep. Some models have a built-in chronograph, others have a crown that allows synchronization with the start time during the dive. Many scuba watches exist on the market.

Many brands of diving watches exist on the market.


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We have chosen to offer you the ADNA watch brand. This European brand offers waterproof models at 100m, three formats and many variants of boxes and bracelets for more fun!

With A.D.N.A, you choose one size from the models ADNA M, ADNA Chrono or ADNA XXL with the bottom you like the most, and two colors of silicone bracelets to order!

They are sold in a nice box that will make a nice packaging to offer. ADNA watches are guaranteed for 2 years.

Store or watchmaker, if the ADNA watches interest you, contact us, we distribute them for France.


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