The Sharkskin brand allows divers, hunters and snorkellers to stay warm during and after a dive, thanks to a long- or short-sleeved lycra and chillproof T-shirt for men or women.

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For added comfort Sharkskin diving focuses on quality and by adopting the latest fabric technologies such as TiFIR (titanium performance thermal protection) or Chillproof, Sharkskin material is committed to providing divers with a technically superior range, to be worn without a wetsuit as a garment or under drysuits. It is a range that can be used for all water sports, such as snorkelling and spearfishing. What's more, Sharkskin wetsuits are available for both men and women.

We are convinced that once you have used this type of product as diving clothing or under a neoprene wetsuit, you will not want to do without it. Your performances and recreational excursions will always be a pleasure, whatever the conditions of the waters in which you dive. Sharkskin diving accessories provide warmth, comfort, thermal protection and buoyancy during water sports.

You'll be protected from the cold water by a jacket, long-sleeved or short-sleeved lycra t-shirts (red, pink or black), tifir or Chillproof booties, balaclava, etc. For your information, the Sharkskin t-shirt is a source of heat and does not affect your buoyancy whether you are wearing a wetsuit or not.

To see our selection list of accessories from Sharkskin and information on our prices, promotions, fins, snorkels, masks, wetsuits, tek dive computers and more details, take a look at our product sheets on this page below! Give us your opinion/review on Google! 

For your information, express delivery of Sharkskin diving accessories available from stock is offered in France and abroad.

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