BERSUB is a brand of lamps and diving lights made in France since 1988, which designs and manufactures its diving lights to meet the demand of divers. 

BERSUB, from lamps to video diving lights. 

The diving lights are generally small power lights, like the B-ONE which offers 900Lm of power.

The BERSUB FOCUS range is innovative with its dual beam headlights that allow for both concentrated and wide illumination. It is the most versatile range appreciated by divers.

For lake diving, the EXPLO series offers a very concentrated beam, which will be ideal for divers in lake or busy water.

The WIDE series offers wide beams for underwater video for example

Active filters :

BERSUB, powerful diving lights with a great battery duration

Made in France, BERSUB lamps and lights use the latest technologies available on the market to offer the best in underwater lighting. LEDs are used for a powerful and economical lighting.

The batteries are of the Lithium type and thus allow a great autonomy.

BERSUB, an after-sales service close to you and a reduced ecological impact.

By purchasing a BERSUB diving lamp or headlamp, you benefit from an efficient and long-lasting after-sales service in France. 

The ecological impact is low, because BESUB designs and manufactures all its products in France and all components - except for electronic components and batteries - are made in France.

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