Article 1: Definitions

Sponsor: Any customer to whom the sponsorship offer has been presented, communicating the contact information of a third party natural person who may be interested in the products and services of www.diveavenue.com.

The Referrer must have an account with www.diveavenue.com and must have previously ordered from the site

Godson: Any person who does not hold, and has never held, an account with www.diveavenue.com whose contact information has been communicated to DIVEAVENUE.COM by the Godparent.

Effective opening of an Account: The effective opening of an account at DIVEAVENUE.COM is realized by

DIVEAVENUE and www.diveavenue.com: Brand and website owned by AT CONCEPT SAS

Article 2: How the Sponsorship works

The Sponsor connects to the "Sponsorship" section via the secure customer area of the DIVEAVENUE Website. He fills in the details of his Godson in order to send him an "e-card sponsorship" inviting him to discover the DIVEAVENUE offer on the dedicated Godson space of the Site.

The Sponsorship offer is available on the Website.

The Sponsorship offer is subject to compliance by the Sponsor and the Referrer with the conditions described in these rules. Failure to do so will result in the Sponsorship not being considered.

Article 3: Description of the Sponsorship Offer

3.1. Sponsor: When the Referred Friend has created his/her account on www.diveavenue.com, the Sponsor will benefit from the bonus in effect on the day the invitation is sent to his/her Referred Friend. This bonus will be paid into the Account held by the Referrer on the day the Referred Friend's Account is actually opened and subject to the Referred Friend's compliance with the terms and conditions of the Referral Offer.

3.2. Referrer: Subject to compliance with the conditions set forth in Article 2 of these rules, for any first effective opening of an Account, the Referrer will have his welcome bonus credited to his account for his first sponsored order.

The Sponsorship offer is limited to complete and compliant Sponsored Account opening files.

Article 4: Terms and Conditions of the Sponsorship Offer

4.1. The Referrer benefits from the Referral Offer only if the Referred Friend opens his first Account with DIVEAVENUE.COM. The Referrer must have an Account with DIVEAVENUE.COM at the time of the bonus payment to qualify for the Referral Offer and must have already placed a first order.

4.2. The Referrer benefits from the Referral Offer only for the first opening of an Account.. Because the Referrer's bonus is tied to the opening of an Account, it will only be paid once to the Referrer's Account.

4.3. The Sponsor and the Godchild must be of legal age and capacity. The Sponsor and the Godchild must be natural persons. The Godson must never have been a customer of DIVEAVENUE.COM. The Godson must not be under guardianship, curatorship or safeguard of justice.

4.4. In case of fraud or non-compliance with the terms of the Referral offer by the Referrer, or in case of closure of the Referrer's account at the initiative of Diveavenue.com, Diveavenue reserves the right to deduct from the Referrer's account the amount corresponding to the bonuses he/she benefited from under the Referral offer.

4.5. DIVEAVENUE reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the Sponsorship Offer at any time by means of an information notice in the "Sponsorship" section via the customer area

As a result, accounts opened by the Referrer at Diveavenue.com after the end date displayed on the site will not entitle the Referral Offer benefits. However, the Sponsor and the Referrer, in such a case, will be paid a bonus corresponding to the Referral Offer in effect on the date of the effective Opening of the Referrer's first Account in the books of Diveavenue.com

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