In scuba diving, a knife is essentially a safety tool, so in the event of a problem it's essential to keep it close at hand. We have a wide range of scuba knives, hunting knives, cutters, wire cutters and scissors to suit all tastes.

Dive knives are made with a titanium blade for mechanical strength. Alternatively, divers can choose a stainless steel diving knife to suit their needs and desires.

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In fact, we offer knives in different sizes, different colours (black, blue, etc.) and different materials to suit all your needs. We have stainless steel knives, knives with titanium blades, etc. Our knives will bring you safety.

Some knives are sold with a protective sheath and straps, others without. We also distribute very practical stainless steel diving knives that can be fitted to regulator or inflator hoses. What's more, we sell the quality stainless steel cutting blade without the diving knife.

Express delivery of the sharp diving knife, sharp hunting knife, sharp cutter, sharp diving thread cutter and accessories is offered in France or internationally by our Diveavenue shop.

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