Wetsuit and drysuit

Every diver needs a quality thermal wetsuit, it is the essential product to protect oneself from cold water and cold.

The different types of wetsuits for scuba diving

Wetsuits or freediving suits are available in different products. There are wet suits, semi-dry suits and dry suits. All these suits can have different thicknesses and materials, they can be made of neoprene, canvas, latex, silicone...

We have different types of wetsuits. The wetsuit can be thin or have a greater thickness, wet, semi-waterproof or waterproof, one-piece, one-piece + jacket, one-piece with bonnet, with closure or without, with sleeves or without, with neoprene or other fabrics. Our wetsuits have different thicknesses.

We sell wetsuits for men and women, with or without bonnet and in different sizes. We also have neoprene wetsuits with different thicknesses. All our products are at the best prices.

Accessories for your wetsuits

On our site we also have a selection of useful wetsuit accessories such as neoprene gloves, neoprene booties and neoprene bonnets, neoprene sleeves that protect the diver from the cold and cold water in all circumstances.

To protect yourself from the cold and have a pleasant dive or snorkel, what could be better than a quality wetsuit undergarment? With Enth Degree wetsuit and dry suit underwear, the diver has perfect protection from the cold. We offer shorts, T-shirts, tops, trousers, socks and jackets for both men and women.

Finally, accessories such as knee pads, glues, neoprene protectors are also available at the best prices on www.diveavenue.com

Diveavenue ships its stock of wetsuits quickly. Express delivery is available in France and abroad.

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