The Bigblue scuba diving LED lights range has been designed for multidisciplinary use. When you purchase a Bigblue dive light, you can purchase interchangeable Bigblue light heads later. Then keep the body of your underwater lighting and its battery. For example, for the 1200 Lm range of lamps, the 10 ° / 85 ° and 120 ° angle heads are available. Even the head of the AL1100AFO (Auto-Off for photographers) is available. In the 3000 Lm range, find the right Bigblue dive lights head VTL3500P (120 ° + 10 °) , the TL3500P (10 °) TL2600P and VTL2600P For high power lamps, you will have the choice between the VTL8000P (120 ° and 10 °), VL8000P, VL10000P

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