Diving cylinder valves are part of the diving cylinder. 

The choice of a diving cylinder valve is based on several criteria. The outlet of the valve can be DIN G5/8 or for nitrox, M26 diving cylinder valves are used.

The working pressure of the diving valve is important and should correspond to that of the diving cylinder. There are 232bar or 300bar valves available for this purpose.

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To adapt to the use of each diver, there are single diving valves with or without valve extension, double outlet valves or twin cylinder valves with their isolation valve.

As far as the thread of the diving valve on the cylinder side is concerned, most diving valves are made of M25x2. For mini and small diving cylinders, there are valves made for M18x1.5 dive tanks.

All our valves are manufactured in Europe. We distribute NAUTEC diving valves which is the top brand of diving valves, made in Germany.

We also offer valve accessories such as valve seals, valve flaps and all spare parts for diving valves.

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