GARMIN offers innovative and connected dive computers with the arrival on the market of the dive computer watch GARMIN MK2 Descent, GARMIN MK2i Descent, GARMIN MK2S as well as the GARMIN G1 for diving.

The GARMIN MK2 dive computer watch is first of all a dive computer that benefits from all the latest technologies. It is also an ultra-connected watch with multi-sport applications but also the possibility of a GPS or Bluetooth connection for reading information such as emails etc...

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The GARMIN MK2i version includes the possibility of having an optional pressure transmitter that allows you to read the pressure measurement directly on the watch.

GARMIN has also designed the GARMIN MK2S for women, with nice variations.

For recreational diving and surface activities, the GARMIN G1 watch is the ideal multi-sport dive computer.

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