Safe diving: choose our high-pressure regulator hoses

Explore the underwater world with confidence with our range of high-pressure hoses designed specifically for diving regulators. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, our equipment offers exceptional performance and unrivalled reliability.

High-pressure hose for regulators: the key to your underwater safety

Our range includes products such as high-pressure regulator hose, high-pressure regulator gauge hose and high-pressure regulator gauge connector, all carefully designed to meet the highest safety standards. We offer a range of hose lengths from 18cm up to 100cm.

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Robustness and performance under pressure

Whether you need a high-pressure hose for a diving pressure gauge, a 300 bar high-pressure hose, or a high-pressure fitting for a diving pressure gauge, our versatile range adapts to all requirements. Our products are designed to withstand the most demanding underwater conditions, offering robustness and performance even in extreme environments.

Order your high-pressure hose today

Optimize your diving experience with our range of high-pressure hoses. Order your high-pressure hose today and dive into an underwater world where safety and performance go hand in hand.

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