DIVEPRO is the brand of LED diving lamps and headlights newly arrived on the French market with one of the best price value for money.

DIVEPRO is a world leading designer and manufacturer specializing in underwater lighting.

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DIVEPRO offers a wide range of products such as portable diving lamps, remote battery diving lamps, headlights for underwater video and accessories.

The range of diving headlights is very wide because it offers a wide range of lamps from 220 Lm to 30,000 Lm

A technical feature of DIVEPRO lighthouses will particularly interest underwater photographers and videographers. Indeed, careful work has been done to obtain the best LED underwater lights with a color rendering index of up to 98 (CRI98) in mono COB LED with an angle of 160 ° underwater!

Technological innovation on the battery side: the "W" range of DIVEPRO underwater lights offers wireless charging. Ideal for sealing the headlight without having to open it.

Finally DIVEPRO offers a variety of accessories for underwater photo / video trays, arms, floating arms, clamps, filters, Goodman handles, accessories for GoPro ...

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