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Wetsuis, drysuit and BC hangers
Scuba diving hangers for wetsuit, drysuit and BC - DIVEAVENUE

Wetsuis, drysuit and BC hangers

The hangers for scuba diving wetsuits, stabilizing jackets or wings are necessary for a good drying and longer lifetime.

The diving gear hangers must be designed very strong for their lifetime.

DIVEAVENUE selected the best scuba diving hangers for your wetusits, jackets, hunting wetsuits or drysuits hangers.

Buy them together ! we are offering some hangers packs for lowering the costs !

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Reference: HG-001C

Hanger special SBC or drysuit

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Multifunctional hanger for scuba diving buoancy compensator and wetsuit with its accessories

Price €9.95
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Reference: HG-002C

Scuba drysuit hanger

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Hanger specially dedicated to drysuits. Allows the diver to hang the drysuit by the feets.

Price €10.95
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