Video light I-Torch BlackStar BS30 monoled 3000Lm

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BlackStar BS30 mono-led I-Torch diving light headlamp - 3000 lumens + Led UV + Led red. Angle 110 °. 2x 18650 batteries.

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Video light I-Torch BlackStar BS30 monoled 3000Lm
The Blackstar BS30 Monoled I-Torch video diving light is a powerful 3000 lumens multi-purpose light with its white light and exceptional 110 ° beam underwater. It is also equipped with a red light function, a UV light and blue for diving fluorescence.

The underwater video light I-torch Black Star BS30 form uses monoled technology that provides a clear picture without the "multi-shadows" effect

Very compact, it accompanies the diver traveling without weighing down the luggage with its 350grams!

The Black Star BS30 I-Torch diving light has a white light power dimmer: 100% / 50% / 25%.

Its 2 modes in red light allow, for the night dive to approach subjects to film or photograph without frightening them.

Its UV and blue mode reveals in night diving fluorescence phenomena on fauna and flora (yellow glasses to visualize the result).

The reflector used makes it possible to have a beam with soft contours in order to avoid a sudden drop of lighting on the edges.

Equipped with an output for connecting an optical fiber to a remote control I-Torch IRC01 (optional items) for total control of lighting power.

Its Sea & Sea YS clamp attachment system allows attachment to all kinds of arms and decks.


  • Light intensity in photo-video lighting: 3000 lumens in white light
  • IRC (Color rendering index): 90
  • Autonomy: about 50 minutes at maximum power (8 hours in flash mode)
  • Closing the battery compartment with double O-ring
  • Video light coverage angle: 110 ° under water (160 ° in terrestrial)
  • Depth of use: 100 meters
  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Lighting modes: 3 modes in white light photo video (100%, 50% / 25%), 2 modes in red light (100% and 40%), 1 mode UV-blue 1 mode S.O.S
  • Remote control (remote power variation) possible by remote control and fiber optic link
  • LED type: 1 white LED COB D22mm, 2 red XP-E LEDs, 4 UV LEDs, 2 blue LEDs
  • Power supply: 2 rechargeable 3400mAh 4.2V batteries.
  • Display indicator light remaining battery life
  • Material: aluminum head, P.O.M body
  • Color: green anodized with black body
  • Dimensions: Length: 122.5 mm, Bulb diameter: 56mm
  • Weight: 350 grams (with battery, YS stand and strap)


  • 1 BlackStar BS30 CE standard I-Torch lighting.
  • 1 YS mount adapter for Sea & Sea mount
  • 2 18650 Li-Ion batteries
  • 1 x Lithium battery charger (110-240 VAC) + Europe plug
  • 1 user manual
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