Diving regulator oxygen pack R2-TEC1 O2 M26 + Gauge - TECLINE

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R2-TEC2 M26 TECLINE oxygen scuba regulator package: 1st stage R2 TEC and 2nd stage TEC2 - 300bar pressure gauge - Standard storage bag

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Diving regulator oxygen pack R2-TEC1 O2 M26 + Gauge - TECLINE

R2 TEC2 TECLINE oxygen regulator set with 1st stage R2 TEC and 2nd stage TEC2, 300bar mano and storage bag.

This TECLINE-T15445 regulator pack is specially prepared for the use of oxygen diving. It consists of a R2 TEC TECLINE regulator with 100cm hose and a TEC2 second stage, a 300bar oxygen gauge and a storage bag.

The proposed oxygen regulator is ideal for decompression blocks for example.


  • Regulator 1st stage R2 TEC2 O2 M26 ref T01400-3
  • Regulator 2nd sateg R2 TEC Oxygen ref T01610-3
  • Hose 1m - braided green
  • 300bar HP hose 20cm
  • Standard bag 85012-13


1st stage diving regulator R2 TEC diaphragm

  • Compensated diaphragm regulator
  • Cold water kit
  • Outputs: 4 MP and 2 HP,
  • Maximum working pressure: 300 bar,
  • Maximum flow at 20 MPa pressure: 3823 L / min,
  • Intermediate pressure: 8.5 bar,
  • Weight: 730 g

2nd stage diving regulator R2 TEC

  • Not compensated
  • Venturi and sensitivity adjustment
  • Maximum flow at a pressure of 20 MPa: 850 L / min,
  • Weight: 210 g,
  • Braided nylon hose 100 cm

Meets the requirements of EN 250.


  • 2x years for the first owner

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