SHEARWATER Petrel 3 Fischer dive computer

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  • The SHEARWATER Petrel 3 FISCHER dive computer with its externer plug allows the connection to a diving rebreather.
  • The SHEARWATER Petrel 3 FISCHER now has a very large AMOLED screen of 6.6cm diameter
  • The Petrel 3 Fisher is the ultimate computer for rebreathers because it manages up to 4 pressure transmitters such as oxygen, diluent and 2 bailouts.

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SHEARWATER Petrel 3 Fischer dive computer

SHEARWATER PETREL 3 FISCHER with external connector

The new SHEARWATER PETREL 3 FISHER dive computer to replace its predecessor PETREL 2 FISHER

The PETREL 3 FISHER is truly the most advanced computer in the SHEARWATER range for use with rebreathers

It has been modified for better readability with an AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 6.5cm. The screen is now protected by a titanium reinforcement on the periphery and a very resistant Aluminosilicate glass.

The PETREL 3 FISHER now integrates gas management with 4 possible pressure transmitters. For the rebreather diver, this is an additional safety feature if the oxygen and diluent cylinders have pressure transmitters (not included - to be purchased separately) and for example two bailouts.

The user's vibration warning system has also been modified to make it louder and more noticeable.

The SHEARWATER Petrel 3 FISHER is an upgradeable computer as its firmware can be updated with the Shearwater software suite. Dive data can be downloaded to mobile or fixed media.

Main new features of the SHEARWATER Petrel 3 FISCHER compared to the Petrel 2

  • Titanium screen peripheral bezel reinforcement
  • Titanium control buttons
  • 5.5cm diameter high contrast AMOLED color display
  • Aluminosilicate glass
  • Reinforced vibration alert
  • Gas management integration: management of up to 4 pressure transmitters
  • Battery compartment cap: by two O-rings.

Technical characteristics of the SHEARWATER PETREL 3 FISCHER

  • Modes: Air / Nitrox / Decompression computer with 3 recreational nitrox gases - Open circuit Tec with multi-gas decompression, trimix - Closed circuit with Bail out management and fixed PPO2 - Depth gauge
  • Decompression: Bühlmann Gradient Factors algorithm, integrated planner. Optional VPM-B and DCIEM
  • Connection to the Close Circuit Rebreater by Fischer connector
  • Gas management: up to 5 in open circuit and 5 in closed circuit.
  • Integrated air management: up to 4 transmitters (sold separately)
  • Integrated digital compass
  • Glass: High resistance aluminosilicate
  • Communication: Bluetooth technology
  • Firmware upgradable by the user
  • Display resolution: AMOLED 320x240 - diameter 6.6cm/2.6".
  • Usable battery: type AA - Alkaline (up to 40h) - Lithium 1.5V (up to 60h) or lithium type SAFT LS14500 (up to 100h)
  • Recording : up to 1000h of diving
  • Maximum depth: 290m
  • Dimensions: 83x75x39mm
  • Weight : 115gr
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