Ratio IX3M 2 DEEP dive computer

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Diving computer RATIO IX3M 2 PRO

  • AIR, NITROX, TRIMIX (Normoxic), Freediving, Depth Gauge
  • 3 gases (O2 18% to 99% and He 0% to 50%)
  • 3 possible transmitters
  • Upgradeable to TECH+ (Trimix Hypoxic)
  • The largest IPS QVGA screen on the market
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy

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Ratio IX3M 2 DEEP dive computer

Dive computer Ratio IX3M2 PRO, Air, Nitrox, Trimix Normoxic

The brand new RATIO IX3M 2 DEEP dive computer is the evolution of the RATIO IX3M PRO DEEP dive computer.

The DEEP version of the IX3M2 is specifically designed for Normoxic Trimix diving.

It allows the integration of the management of 3 gases in diving O2 between 18% and 99% and Helium up to 50%.

The IX3M 2 DEEP is also compatible with Ratio pressure transmitters, which allow the pressure to be displayed in real time on 3 cylinders and 2 sidemount transmitters.

With the optional oxygen sensor, it can also measure Nitrox, which can be connected to it.

The strength of the IX3M2 lies in its larger and brighter screen with a 150° IPS QVGA viewing angle. Ratio has redesigned the use of the control buttons with a permanent display of the function of each button.

Many useful applications for the diver are integrated: compass (1° accuracy), pre-dive planner, decompression table during the dive etc...

As for the battery, it has a Li-ion battery rechargeable on a USB port with an autonomy of about 20 hours of diving.

The software interface provided by Ratio allows to download the firmware update and to download the dives.

Detailed characteristics of the IX3M 2 PRO dive computer:

Characteristics of the Ratio IX3M 2 PRO

  • Air/Nitrox/Normoxic Trimix/Apnea/Profondium
  • Mix diving: up to 3 mixtures
  • Decompression algorithm: Buhlmann with 12 possible adjustment levels
  • Gas change while diving: yes
  • CNS and OTU (Central Nervous System and Oxygen Tolerance Units)
  • PPO2: from 1.0 to 1.6
  • DEEP STOP algorithms: YES
  • Complete decompression table : All decompression stop depths, times and mixes required. Updated in real time during the dive.
  • Alarm: yes: audible, visual and by vibration, even through the drysuit!
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery: autonomy in diving: about 20 hours
  • USB and Bluetooth connection
  • Customizable color screen in Macrolon QVGA 2.8" diagonal and viewing angle greater than 150
  • Case made by plastic injection

Algorithms :

  • Decompression algorithms used: Buhlmann
  • Real time calculation of algorithms

Compass :

  • The best on the market, 3D, 1° accuracy
  • Angle up to 85° and numerical representation of the path to travel

Additional integrated functions :

  • Oximeter (with optional probe)
  • GAS BLender
  • Thermometer
  • Barometer

Maximum depth of use :

  • 220m

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