Light & Motion GoBe - Body 3.0Ah

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Light & Motion GoBe - Body with 3.0Ah battery capcity. The GoBe plateform to allow using the diffrent GoBe optics.

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Light & Motion GoBe - Body 3.0Ah


The GoBe body with its battery 3.0Ah capacity allows you to choose between the following GoBe optics :
- 700 Lumens wide 60°
- 700 Lumens spot 20°
- Focus 60°
- 500 Lumens spot 20°
- Search 8°
- Nightsea
BATTERY : 3.0 Ah


WEIGHT : 172 Gr

DIMENSIONS : L : 124mm - l : 48mm

GoBe Platform presentation

Light & Motion designed a very compact light, versatile and powerful. The following features are common for all the GoBe lights :

- 6 addtional heads you can purchase later - LED CREE
- 2 battery capacity GoBe depending on your needs : 3.0 Ah or 2.2 Ah
- 3 adjusting power modes (High, Med, low) and one SOS. To insure the security, the lighting duration is managed electronically up to the maximum of the battery.
- A specific design body made by plastic injection and rubber "grip"
- An exclusive external charging system. the light is 100% waterproof. The GoBe is sold with an external adaptor linked to an outside USB plug. Everywhere chargeable !
- Battery level indicator during diving and charging. You can plan your dive depending on the battery level, also when partially charged.
- Very light, you can save weight in a airplane trip.
- Locking system.
- Waterproof up to -120m


- 1x Light & Motion GoBe body 2.2Ah battery capacity
- 1x USB charging adaptor

In option the USB charger P/N #804-0157-A


DIVEAVENUE warranty the Light&Motion lights 2 years after the date of purchase.


The scuba light market is wide. It is difficult for the consumer to make the good choice. Light&Motion is one of the unique scuba manufacturer (in their Californian factory), to test the lights against the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standard. This standard request from the manufacturer to make the tests and approve their lights against :
- The Lumen measurement
- The light intensity
- The burning time.

Light & Motion own a specific spheric test equipment. You can see the demonstration into the light&motion video below.

Alos, the optics of Light&motion lights has been particularely CAD designed to avoid shadows into the light beam. A comparison measurement has been made and is available on their website. We gave an example into the pictures attached.

When you are purchasing a Light&Motion light, you invest in a high quality optical light. Many well known scuba photographers are exclusively using the Light&Motion lights for their work. Your light is designed, manufactured and assembled in USA.


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