BC flushing hose "eco" short model 15cm

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Buoancy compensator short "eco" flush hose 15cm. To rinse the inside bladder of your wing for longer lifetime.


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BC flushing hose "eco" short model 15cm

The flushing hose allows deep cleaning of the inner bladder and the inflator of your stab or wing of diving.

With the rinse hose, simply clean the inside of your wing. The salt ends up damaging the inside of the bladder very much until "eating" the welds. Imagine the situation if it happens to the bottom (and this kind of incident does not prevent!)

We designed this "eco" model with a short hose of 15cm. It will fit perfectly into your regulator bag or a pocket of your bag for example.

To use it, nothing more simple! Connect the hose to your inflator. On the other side, connect a garden hose or water rod, either by thread G3 / 4 (standard size of the faucets).

This product is 100% made by DIVEAVENUE. We used particularly strong materials:

  • Flexible dive hose
  • Molded brass fitting with two wings to facilitate gripping
  • We add the "Gardena" fitting for ease of use. Note that similar products do not.

Manufactured by www.diveavenue.com

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