Ratio IX3M [Pro] DEEP Trimix dive computer

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Trimix dive computer Ratio IX3M [Pro] DEEP. For Air/Nitrox/Trimix (Normoxic)/Gauge dives. 3x mixes management. Supplied with USB charging/transmission cable


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Ratio IX3M [Pro] DEEP Trimix dive computer


Trimix dive computer iX3M [Pro]Deep Ratio : The dive computer dedicated to mult-gas diving Air/Nitrox/Trimix (normoxic) and depth gauge. It is compatible with the Ratio wireless pressure gauge !


The trimix dive computers Ratio iX3M [Pro] Deep is dedicated for multiple-gaz diving Air/Nitrox/Trimix normoxic

It is compatible with the brand new 3x led color wireless pressure transmitter from Ratio

The integrated algorithm of the multi-gas dive computer Ratio IX3M [Pro] Deep is a combination of Buhlmann ZHL16-B and VPM-B (Varying Permeability Model).

The IX3M ratio is also configurable on the deep stop increments. It will tell you the same "decompression table" of your ascent, indicating the necessary mixture, depth and time.

An outside oxygen sensor can be fixed to the computer before the dive to analyze the oxygen rate in your tank.

The log book is very comprehensive, indicating the saturation profile, active mixing, back to surface speed, gradients, critical microbubble size, temperature, average and maximum depth, planning the next dive etc ...

The Ratio IX3M [Pro] Deep also includes a color screen customization, a compass (usable under water) with distance, weather forecasting, magnetometer, light meter, altimeter , barometer, stopwatch, variometer ....

The computer is powered by a lithium battery that gives a range from 20h to 50h operating and simply recharge via a USB cable on any charger.

You can connect the IX3M [Pro] deep Ratio to your Windows PC or Mac via its USB cable or Bluetooth with its interace DiveLogger to have your diving history and parameters.

Detailed features :


Features Ratio IX3M [Pro] Deep: what makes it unique!

  • Scuba Air / Nitrox / Trimix (normoxic)
  • Diving mixtures up to 3 mix
  • Decompression model : gradient factor (Buhlmann) and critical radius of bubble (VPM) Customizable
  • Changing gas during diving: yes
  • % O2: 18-99% and% He: 0-50%
  • CNS and OTU (Central Nervous System and Oxygen Tolerance Units)
  • DEEP STOP algorithms: Method standrard, Pyle or OFF
  • Complete decompression table: All levels of depths, times and mixing required. Updated in real time during the dive.
  • Alarm: yes: audio, visual and vibration
  • Lithium Battery: autonomy between 20 and 50 dives - charging time of 5 hours by USB cable
  • USB connection and Bluetooth
  • customizable color display Makrolon
  • Directed by machining (see video below)


  • Decompression algorithms used: Buhlmann ZHL16-B and VPM-B
  • Calculation algorithms in real time
  • Both algorithms are pre-installed and ready to use gradient factoring:​ Gradient adjustable factoring and critical radius of bubble
  • Adjustable directly from the "diving" menu


  • The best on the market
  • 3D precision 1
  • Angle up 85 ° and digital representation of the road ahead

Integrated additional functions:

  • Weather forecast
  • Altimeter
  • Magnetometer
  • Thermometer
  • Barometer
  • Light Meter
  • accelerometer
  • Moon calendar
  • Calculator dissipated heat
  • Maximum depth: 300m (984ft)



Ratio IX3M housing machining :








Trimix diving paramters on Ratio iX3M Tech+ :








The essentials for Ratio IX3M [Pro] DEEP Trimix dive computer
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