Light & Motion Sola VideoPro 15000 Lm FLOOD 115°

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Diving headlight SOLA VIDEO PRO 1500 Light & Motion .

  • Power : 15000Lm continuous
  • Beam angle : really 115° in the water.
  • Autonomy : 40min - continuous power

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Light & Motion Sola VideoPro 15000 Lm FLOOD 115°

Specifications of the Light & Motion SOLA VIDEO PRO 15000 :

  • ANGLE : 115°.
  • POWER (Lm) : HIGH: 15000 - MED : 7500 - LOW : 500
  • AUTONOMY : HIGH : HIGH : 40min - MED : 65min - LOW : 900min
  • CHARGING TIME : 1h30
  • WEIGHT : 984 Gr
  • DIMENSIONS : L : 139mm - lxl : 89mm

Presentation of the Light&Motion SOLA VIDEO Pro 15000 headlight

The range of Light&Motion SOLA VIDEO headlamps has been designed to meet the needs of recreational divers or tech in underwater video.

Two ranges are proposed:

  • The Light & Motion SOLA VIDEO "S/F" range: Double beam of 60° and 12° (particularly practical for observing corals and an animal in a rock crevice for example). The proposed powers range from 1200 to 2100 Lumens
  • The Light&Motion SOLA VIDEO "F" range. Dedicated to video, single beam 60°or90°No shadow zone possible.

The characteristics common to all Light&Motion SOLA VIDEO headlights are the following:

  • 3 power modes with visual indicator
  • Exclusive external charging system, no headlight opening. The headlight is tested according to the FL-1 standard
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Versatile: a variety of mounting options are available: handle, helmet mount, photo mount etc...
  • Extremely light weight, very practical for weight saving during air travel.
  • A locking system for transport.
  • Waterproof to -90m

The SOLA VIDEO PRO 9600 version is dedicated to professional videographers. With its extreme power, it also has a complete display to give information on the status of the light during the dive, including power and remaining autonomy:

The video Pro 9600 is today the best headlamp on the market for videographers. A real angle of 90 ° measured underwater and a mono-led thus avoiding any area of shadow.


  • 1x Light & Motion SOLA VIDEO PRO 15000
  • 1x 24 V charger
  • 1x Neoprene protection


The warranty provided by DIVEAVENUE is 2 years from the date of purchase.

Optics and light intensity:

The world of diving lights is very wide. It is difficult for the consumer to find his way. Light & Motion is one of the only manufacturers of headlights (manufactured in their California workshops), to test and certify its headlights according to the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standard. This means that this standard imposes a test and a certification of the headlights according to :

  • Lumen measurement
  • Light power
  • The duration of lighting.

Light & Motion is equipped with a spherical checking fixture for this purpose. You can see the demonstration of this device in the Light & Motion video below.

In addition, the optics of Light & Motion headlights have been particularly studied to avoid any shadow area. A comparison is available on their website. We have presented an example in the attached photos. Know for the photographers that the measurements of angles of lighting were carried out under water. The announced angles are well representative in diving.

When you buy a Light & Motion headlamp, you invest in a very high quality of optics and lighting. The proof is that many photographers and underwater image professionals use Light & Motion exclusively. Your light is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.




Light & Motion SOLA VIDEO PRO 9600 ref #850-0302-A

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