IKELITE housing for PANASONIC TZ200 and TZ202

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Ikelite compact housing, 60 meters waterproof, for PANASONIC TZ200 and TZ202 cameras. New model with wide policarbonate rear cover

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IKELITE housing for PANASONIC TZ200 and TZ202

Compact housing, 60 meters waterproof, for PANASONIC TZ200 and TZ202 cameras

New design casing in gray polycarbonate and transparent back door allowing verification of the correct position of the camera body and the control levers in the casing; very resistant, it is tested and usable up to a depth of 60 meters. The specially formulated gray color reflects the sun's rays to keep the camera cooler over time. Compared to the black or transparent boxes, the gray color offers a higher contrast for better viewing of the LCD screen.
The rear door seal is always visible to ensure the tightness of the box when closing the door. Security is thus reinforced! The rear door is closed by 2 stainless safety locking buckles.
The rear buttons are marked with an inalterable laser engraving.
The depth of use of 60 meters, combined with the reputation of the brand, offers these boxes a real safety margin for the user.
The many possible accessories make it perfectly scalable ...


  • Double fiber optic support
  • A tube of fat
  • Fixing system for stage by 2 threads not Kodak 1 / 4-20 spaced 76mm located under the box.
  • A porthole vinyl protection
  • Notice in English (notice available in French in the "download" section of this product sheet)


  • All camera controls except:
  • Diopter adjustment button
  • Flash deployment button


The window supplied on this box is designed to use the focal length range from 24 mm to 135 mm. Since the TZ200 camera can zoom up to 360mm, the lens will lock at 135mm.


  • The dimensions include the control buttons and the lens port.
  • Length: 17.3 cm
  • Depth: 15.7 cm
  • Height: 13,0 cm
  • Thread of the porthole: porthole 3.9 "not threaded
  • Weight: 1.270 Kg out of water
  • Buoyancy close to neutral in fresh water.


  • All accessories and spare parts for this box are visible in the accessory tab of this product sheet. Do not hesitate to consult us for any advice on compatibility with your existing equipment.
  • 3.9 "orange filter (IKE6441.46) for seawater.
  • 3.9 "pink filter (IKE6441.86) for fresh water.
  • Ikelite optical fiber for external flash: IKE 4501
  • Fantasea optical fiber for external flash: FAN 6315
  • WD4 wide angle dome: IKE 6430.4
  • Adapter for 67mm macro ring: IKE 9306.82
  • Macro lens (Contact us for personalized advice
  • Platinum with single handle: IKE 9523.63
  • Platinum double handle: IKE 9523.64


  • Ikelite DS51 flash with fiber optic adapter (NG: 17)
  • Ikelite DS160 flash with fiber optic adapter (NG: 24)
  • Ikelite DS161 flash with fiber optic adapter (NG: 24)
  • INON S2000 and Z330 Flashes
  • Flash I-Torch SS2
  • Flash Sea & Sea YS-D2


  • Photo and video lighting available (contact us for personalized advice).


  • Replacement door seal: IKE 0109
  • Silicone grease: IKE 5020
  • Push button service kit: IKE 6201.03
  • Box cleaning, polishing and renovation kit: IKE 6201.31
  • Window protection vinyl: IKE 0200.08


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