Underwater DPV scooter SEACRAFT Future BX 750

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SEACRAFT Future BX750 underwater scooter. Waterproof up to 150m. Battery life up to 3:15 with 750Wh battery.

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Underwater DPV scooter SEACRAFT Future BX 750

The SEACRAFT FUTURE BX750 underwater scooter is the basic model of the SEACRAFT brand. It includes a 750W battery or optional 1000W, which allows extended use of the power of the scooter, averaging 2-4 dives without charging the battery. This model is perfect for recreational and technical diving up to a depth of 150 m.

From a technical point of view, the SEACRAFT DPV FUTURE BX750 is the world's first diving scooter in which the engine runs directly in the water. Specially designed and patented solutions allow the complete removal of the drive shaft and the need for expensive and unreliable seals used in other similar designs. It is more durable, its higher efficiency and prevents the risk of engine drowning.

Thanks to the fixed external stator, the circulation of the water column (resulting from the rotation of the propeller) is converted into thrust instead of producing a torque. The production of torque usually causes a rotation of the handle which causes fatigue and discomfort of the diver.

The economical design of the model also gives a short battery charging time, about 3 hours. Charging is possible without opening the scooter, as the charging socket is located directly in the housing of the device.

Digital console: the SEACRAFT FUTURE 750 scooter is the only scooter on the market to have an OLED digital display for information on speed, battery charge status, humidity and engine compartment temperature.

It is the lightest scooter (only 16 kg with battery), the fastest and most compact in its class currently available on the market. Its added advantage is the long range of the dive, which has been achieved mainly thanks to the high performance of the training and the high power of the battery is up to 9km.

It can also be equipped with accessories such as a 1000Wh battery, an electronic navigation console, carrying handles, lighting etc ....

Technical characteristics of the SEACRAFT FUTURE BX 750 scooter:

  • Engine:
    • Maximum operating depth: 150m
    • Maximum depth tested: 250m
    • Buoyancy (with adjusted ballast): neutral
    • Operating temperature: -15 ° C / + 50 ° C
    • Storage temperature: -20 ° C / + 50 ° C
    • Charging temperature: + 10 ° C / + 40 ° C
  • Engine characteristics :
    • Li-ion battery: 750Wh
    • Rated voltage: 32.4V
    • Average charging time at 75%: 120min
    • 90% average charge time: 190min
    • Average charging time at 100%: 260min
    • Charging voltage: 180-250V, 50-60Hz, 240W
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 845mm
    • Width: 360mm
    • Height: 410mm
    • Body diameter: 160mm
    • Mass without battery: 10.5kg
    • Mass with battery and ballast in fresh water: 16.3kg
  • OLED screen: Indication of the following information
    • Current speed
    • Percentage of battery charge
    • Temperature and humidity of the scooter compartment.
    • Programmable functions for advanced users.

Product content:

  • 1x Scooter FUTURE SEACRAFT BX 750
  • 1x batterie 750Wh
  • 1x poignée de transport en Delrin
  • 1x fixation universelle pour caméra sport, fixée au module de contrôle
  • 1x kit de ballast interne
  • 1x kit de finition 3x pièces de 62gr
  • 1x kit de finition 2x pièces de 182gr
  • 1x plongeur de 1m80
  • 1x kit de joints et graisse
  • 1x clé pour le service


Scooter SEACRAFT exploration at -220m :

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