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Underwater Flash IKELITE DS 51
  • Underwater Flash IKELITE DS 51
  • Underwater Flash IKELITE DS 51

Underwater Flash IKELITE DS 51


Flash IKELITE DS 51. A TTL and / or manual flash, compact, ideal to accompany the diver in learning the dive photo.

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The DS51 flash is one of the most popular and widely used flash cameras in the world. Its compact design combined with high performance makes it the perfect travel companion.

This powerful Flash is ideal for all types of photographers, beginner as professionals.

Its unique mode-setting dial makes it an easy-to-take flash. The switch between TTL mode, full power manual mode and the 5 intermediate exposure power modes are immediately accessible.

Its rear compartment sealed battery door is transparent and allows to see easily the O-ring to check the good sealing of the assembly.

The battery compartment is completely disconnected from the electronics compartment to avoid damage to the electronics and the flash tube during a possible drowning of the battery compartment.

A TTL exposure mode

When the flash is combined with an Ikelite subwoofer equipped with TTL electronics, the flash automatically adjusts the exposure to capture your macro shots or snapshots.


  • 1 flash 50 watts / second
  • 1 flash diffuser
  • 1 fat greenskin
  • 1 support with ball 25mm
  • 1 Notice in English (notice in French available in the "download" tab of this product sheet).


  • Weight: 590 grams
  • Power: 50 Watts / second
  • Cover angles: 70 ° and 80 ° with diffuser
  • Guide number (ISO100) m: 17 (with diffuser)
  • Modes: TTL / automatic and manual tuning
  • Adjustable slave cell with 10 different levels
  • Color temperature: 5700 ° Kelvin
  • Power mode: 4 R6 alkaline batteries, or 4 Ni-cad or NiMH batteries
  • Number of Flashes: 200 at full power
  • Flash recharge time: 3.5 seconds at full power. Shorter for intermediate powers.
  • Depth of use: 90 meters


The guide number of a flash corresponds to the intensity of illumination at the center of the beam. many flash manufacturers choose to use a reflector that focuses the beam at its center to artificially increase the guide number of the flash. Ikelite chose to "sacrifice" the guide number very lightly in order to favor a soft, homogeneous image without hot spot.

Most underwater flash manufacturers indicate in their flash characteristics a maximum beam angle and not a coverage angle. The average coverage of a submarine flash is generally narrower than that indicated (average between 55 and 70 °). The coverage angle of Ikelite flashes is therefore well above average.

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