Finnsub FLY SIDE Sidemount Jacket

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Finnsub FLY SIDE Sidemount Jacket.

  • Cordura 2000 deniers
  • Backplate alu 3mm or stainless steel 3mm possible

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Finnsub FLY SIDE Sidemount Jacket

Finnsub FLY Sidemount System

The FLY SIDE sidemount Jacket by Finnsub is the unique combination of great buoyancy, streamlined profile and an extremely robust design including many configuration options.

Various tests of different sidemount systems have never led to full satisfaction. This has prompted Finnsub to think about what divers actually need in the different environments. The result is a modular yet easy-to-use system.

The Finnsub FLY side Sidemount Jacket has been developed in collaboration with divers who move both in the open waters, intricate cave systems, wrecks and also in pinnacle waters.

FLY side works perfectly for all types of diving. Finnsub wanted to create a system that provides the user with sufficient opportunities to weight, but also to dive comfortably and to dive comfortably from the beginning to the end. The solution is very simple - a backplate with a perfect weight distribution for the diver along the diver itself.


Features of the FINNSUB Fly Side:


Due to the unique combination of large buoyancy, streamlined profile and robust construction, the user can dive in any situation. From the open water to the overhead environment. The weight required is conveniently distributed along the back of the diver.


The double-shell structure of the wing, with the sophisticated 3D design provides a flat shape even when it is fully inflated. You can choose between the two colors red or black. The wing itself has three connections. The inflator as well as the drain valve or the closure cap can be fastened to each. Check out our customized configuration list to customize it for you.

  • Buoyancy: 12, 45 l ~ 25 lbs ~ 122N
  • 5-point attachment to harness
  • 3 connections - inflator, drain valve and plug


For the FLY side Harness we have used our high quality backplates. The reason for this was the optimal weight distribution, as well as the ability to wear and support only the weight required for a dive. The harness is fully adjustable on the carrier, with the possibility to choose between 3 backplates. Aluminum for travel, stainless steel for local dives, depending on the required weight between the 3mm or 6mm backplate. The weight system can also be adapted to the customer. We offer the following options. Bite bags in three different sizes, which are attached to the backplate. Softweight 2x 1kg, 2x 2kg and 3x 3kg or rigid lead to 2x 5kg, which is screwed directly to the backplate.

  • Backplate
  • DIR harness
  • 2x D-rings on each shoulder strap
  • 2x rigid D-ring on the waist belt
  • 1 flexible bungee (full length flexibility) + 2x carabiner

Modular construction

This provides additional possibilities and combinations of different configurations of the harness. Either the FLY SIDE or the FLY Wing, with the ability to select your desired weight system. Adapt the system to your specific needs. With the Finnsub FLY Side everything is possible.



  • Wings: Cordura 2000 (outside), Cordura 500 TPU (internal coated with film film 500micron)
  • Harness: all components are manufactured according to the highest quality standards in the Czech Republic.


FLY side is modular. It allows a configuration to be adapted to the wearer. The FLY Side Harness as such is very versatile. You can remove it from the FLY side and install it on any FLY Wing to fully utilize all the possibilities of diving. A second harness can also be used so that FLY SIDE can be used both when traveling, or in local cold water.


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