Tek 36 Compact Divertug underwater scooter

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Divertug Tek36 compact underwater scooter

  • 22% lighter than the TEK36: only 12.5kg
  • 4 possible speeds
  • Length reduced by 25% compared with TEK36: 49cm
  • Same power as the TEK36 in the same size and weight as the TEK24

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Tek 36 Compact Divertug underwater scooter

Tek 36 Divertug compact underwater scooter

The TEK36 Compact Underwater Scooter opens the door to a captivating underwater world. Designed for deep-sea explorers, this underwater scooter combines cutting-edge technology, compact design and exceptional performance for an unforgettable underwater experience.

Key features :

  • Exploration Made Easy: The TEK36 Compact Underwater Scooter is designed to make exploring oceans and lakes easy. Thanks to its powerful, adjustable propulsion, you can navigate effortlessly at different depths and distances, giving you a fascinating insight into underwater life.
  • Compact design: With a focus on compactness, the TEK36 Compact is easy to carry and store. Its ergonomic, lightweight design makes it perfect for spontaneous underwater adventures without sacrificing performance.
  • Intelligent performance: Enjoy multiple speeds and propulsion modes to adjust your speed to suit your environment and preferences. Explore with ease thanks to optimised handling and intuitive operation.
  • Extended autonomy: The TEK36 Compact is equipped with a high-capacity battery that offers extended autonomy for longer, more rewarding dives. This extended battery life ensures that you can fully enjoy your underwater adventures without interruption.
  • Built-in safety: The TEK36 Compact's design incorporates advanced safety features, such as an emergency shutdown system and protection against battery overheating, for a safe and worry-free underwater experience.

Benefits :

  • Ease of Transport: Its compact size and light weight make it an ideal travel companion for explorers looking to discover new underwater locations.
  • Customised Exploration: Different speeds and propulsion modes allow you to tailor your experience to your comfort level and exploration goals.
  • Deep Immersion: Explore the depths with ease and elegance, discovering underwater life up close without disturbing the ecosystem.
  • Unlimited Adventure: Thanks to its extended autonomy, the TEK36 Compact lets you enjoy extended dives and discover places you never thought you'd reach.
  • Versatility and safety: The advanced technology built into the scooter ensures safe operation and offers a versatile diving experience for divers of all levels.

In short, the TEK36 Compact Underwater Scooter is your passport to exciting underwater exploration. With its intelligent design, exceptional performance and focus on safety, it will help you create unforgettable memories as you discover the hidden wonders of the deep. Dive into adventure with the DT36 Compact and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the underwater world.

Comparison with the standard TEK 36 Divertug underwater scooter

  • 22% less weight (< 12.5 kg without battery)
  • 25% smaller footprint (total length < 50 cm)
  • 4 possible speeds
  • Long-range autonomy of 4 hours at low speed
  • Work on making the machine even more reliable!
  • The advantages are numerous: less space on the boat, lighter and easier to handle with a boosted power-to-weight ratio, long range - and all at a low price!
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