DIVEAVENUE online dive store since 2010

DIVEAVENUE was born from a passion for scuba diving for over 30 years. Diving instructor, after having realized decades of diving in our lakes, on our coasts and in more distant horizons, the idea came to propose diving equipment particularly selected for their technicality that we have tested ourselves. Today we offer our customers a large stock of diving equipment and accessories at the best price.

A wide selection of diving equipment

We offer a very wide diving equipment to fully equip the diver according to his discipline.

Diving suits

The diving suit is the first essential equipment of the diver. It is what protects him from the cold and provides comfort during the dive. We present a range of neoprene wetsuits but also drysuits for cold water diving. We also offer custom wetsuits with the brand DiveSystem.


Diving Fins

The diving fins are used for the diver's propulsion. We offer a wide selection of fins for diving, fins for freediving or pool fins for training.

Diving masks

Our diving masks are selected for their flexibility and quality of construction. When visual correction is desired, we offer masks with corrective lenses. Also, for dives in heavy water and to benefit from a large field of vision, our face mask will seduce the demanding divers. A surface communication system can be added to the face masks.

Diving computers

To ensure safety, every diver should be equipped with a diving computer. We have selected dive computers that meet the requirements of technical diving such as Suunto, Shearwater, Ratio or Divesoft. We are pleased to introduce the <ahref="https://www.diveavenue.com/fr/categories/1697-o-dive-one-capteur-connecte-pour-optimiser-la-decompression.html">O'Dive microbubble sensor to improve diver safety.

Dive tanks

The diving cylinder is the item that stores the diver's gas supply. Dive tanks come in three types:

  • The "classic" steel diving cylinders with a capacity of up to 18 liters and a working pressure of 232bar or 300bar.
  • Aluminum cylinders that are often used as pony or bailout cylinders for decompression.
  • Finally, the bottles of the brand Carbondive made partly of carbon fiber are neutral in water and can withstand a pressure of 300bar.

Diving regulators

Our diving regulators are sold alone or with a pressure gauge and hose pack. The Oceanic, Hollis, Tecline or Poseidon brands we sell are known for their reliability in the diving world through their proven piston or diaphragm regulator technologies.

Underwater scooters

We also offer a range of underwater scooters with Seacraft and Divertug underwater scooters that allow you to dive further and safer.

Lots of other diving equipment in our store

For the autonomy of the individual diver or for diving clubs, our Coltri and Nardi brand compressors meet the highest requirements for breathable air compressors. In addition to these devices, we have a range of compressors for paintball and sport shooting with their refill accessories.

Diveavenue a dive store specializing in underwater photography

Our dive shop also specializes in underwater photography and video with a wide range of underwater housings from Ikelite, Fantasea and Isotta. For video, the Vaquita underwater camera and GoPro accessories will give amazing results!

Our Bigblue, I-torch, Divepro dive lights offer the widest range on the market at the cheapest price.

A dive equipment rental

We offer diving equipment rental according to the needs such as underwater scooter rental, regulator rental or diving lights.

Finally, for maintenance, we offer TIV tooling, diving maintenance tooling as well as a wide range of O-rings.