Beuchat Focea Comfort 6 wetsuit Men

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Beuchat FOCEA Comfort 6 Wetsuit

  • 5 or 7 mm
  • Comfortable with the anatomical cut
  • Maximum warmth with the Fireskin and Water Dam System (Beuchat patent)
  • Resistant with Supratex reinforcements

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Beuchat Focea Comfort 6 wetsuit Men

Beuchat FOCEA Comfort 6 Wetsuit for men

The Focea Comfort 6 is maximum comfort, warmth and resistance.

Maximum comfort with the anatomical cut of this wetsuit, the high-end preforming, the ultra-flexible Elaskin neoprene, the Flex System 2 and the Free Flex Zone.

Maximum warmth thanks to the Fireskin and the Water Dam System (Beuchat patent) to limit water entry in the Focea Comfort 6 wetsuit.

Maximum resistance for this Beuchat wetsuit with Supratex 2 reinforcements on the knees and reinforcements on the shoulders, legs and buttocks.

This garment is made with an Eco-Friendly neoprene. The neoprene is made from limestone, not petroleum, and in a process that reduces environmental impact.

Focea Comfort 6 wetsuit pattern

  • Exclusive Beuchat anatomical and preformed top of the range pattern providing maximum comfort, protection and ease of use.
  • One-piece collar pattern: 44 panels and 20 different neoprenes
  • One-piece bonnet pattern: 40 panels and 14 different neoprenes

Flex System 2

  • Preforming and wide embossing of specific shapes at the associated joints for greater ease of movement (arm pits and popliteal pits).
  • Compared to Focea Comfort 4: Flex System 2 covers more than 200% more surface area than the Flex System for top level comfort.
  • Seamless comfort panels at the joints for less friction (armpits, arm pits and popliteal area).
  • High quality preforming of the lumbar arch and the crotch for an anatomical and perfectly fitted suit.

Lumbar comfort panel

This Elaskin 8.8 elasticity zone in the lower back provides flexibility at the back zip for comfort in the crouched position, especially out of the water when preparing equipment and/or gearing up.

The Free Flex zone positioned from the shoulders to the back provides flexibility in the upper body-limb area for freedom of movement.


The Fireskin is a warm fabric, which thanks to its hydrophobic properties (water repellent) and the structure of its weave, provides high thermal protection. Placed on the chest of the wetsuit, it provides warmth to a sensitive area of the body.


Supratex 2 reinforcements (10% softer than Supratex and just as resistant) at the knees to combine great durability and flexibility Wear reinforcements at the buttocks PU Black Shield protections on the shoulders, legs and buttocks


Thinned face sleeve (-2mm) on the one-piece collar with a seamless area around the face for comfort, waterproofing and durability. Smooth inner collar for extra waterproofness and finely adjustable closure with elastic scratch and non-aggressive grip that does not grip on jersey and seams. Double zipped wrist and ankle cuffs with turn-up inner cuff, made of inner jersey and smooth neoprene outer. The end of the inner sleeve seam is cut at 45° for elasticity and strength when dressing.


Large zip at the glottis level with Elaskin gusset integrating an anatomical cut on the one-piece without bonnet for better comfort. Large "G-Lock plus" back zip (one-piece collar) with metal slider and embossed Water Dam System underflap for increased waterproofness (Beuchat patent). Wrist and ankle zips Neoprene reinforcement at the end of all zips to avoid any risk of tearing if the diver forces the sliders.

End Finishes

Neoprene panels are joined by edge-to-edge gluing, external and internal overlocking. Outer sleeve ends edged for extra strength. Inner sleeve ends cut for flexibility.

Technical specifications

  • Type Wet
  • Use Cold or Temperate Waters
  • Neoprene Elaskin X 8.8
  • Supratex 2 reinforcements
  • Flex System 2 ✔
  • Fireskin ✔
  • Water Dam System ✔
  • Universal Computer Holder ✔
  • Air Escape System ✔
  • Equalizing System ✔
  • Hood Holder ✔
  • High-end preforming ✔
  • Inner Jersey Material
  • Standard EN 14225-1 CLASS B (Temp. 10 - 18°C)
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