Tank of activated carbon COLTRI 1 Liter

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Tank of activated carbon COLTRI 1 Liter. Helps to retain oil vapors. For breathing air compressors.

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Tank of activated carbon COLTRI 1 Liter

Can of activated carbon 1 liter

Activated carbon for breathable air compressor retains oil vapors and organic impurities. It also helps eliminate oil odors in the air.

Coltri Activated Carbon is compatible to recharge any type of final filter cartridge of high-pressure compressor (Coltri, Compair, Bauer, Lenhard & Wagner, Nardi, Cirrus ...)


  • Resealable water bottle of 1 liter
  • Other condionnement available (5L, 10L, ... to consult us)

Number of refills possible with a 1L *

  • For Coltri cartridges. It is necessary to respect the proportions of 1/4 of activated carbon - 3/4 of molecular sieve.
  • cartridges of MCH8, MCH11, MCH13, MCH16, MCH18, MCH26, MCH32: about 6 cartridges
  • cartridges of MCH30, MCH36: 2 cartridges

The renewal frequency depends on the size of the compressor filter, the humidity, the purge frequency and mainly the inlet temperature of the filter cartridge.

Attention, contrary to popular belief, the temperature to be taken into account is the filter cartridge inlet temperature and not the compressor inlet temperature or the compressor room. Indeed, the compression of high pressure air requires the passage through several compression stages and at the output of each compression stage, the air rises to over 120 ° C temperature. The compressed air is then cooled by cooling coils, but no manufacturer has yet succeeded in developing a compressor that was able to cool the air at the outlet of the last stage at a temperature equal to the air entering the compressor. . Of course, the better the room is ventilated, the better the cooling of the air. In the case of a well-ventilated room, the inlet temperature of the filter cartridge is generally 10 ° C higher than the suction temperature. In the case of a poorly ventilated room, it is not uncommon to have a filter cartridge inlet temperature greater than 15 to 25 ° C with respect to the inlet temperature in the compressor.

Refer to the data sheets of the cartridges to know the autonomy according to the temperature of use.


Activated carbon is a product that is poorly preserved over time (1 year in its original container after opening). It is therefore not recommended to order too much (5L cans for example which is only suitable for clubs or diving centers whose compressor runs more than 600 hours per year).

For a compressor 16m3 / h, 1 liter of coal allows use of the compressor of 320 hours per year (at a filter inlet temperature of 20 ° C).

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