Fluordive kit Bigblue FDKCF1800 FDK-VL/VTL

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Fluordive kit Bigblue FDKCF1800 FDK-VL/VTL Compatible with Bigblue VL3500P / VTL3100P / VTL6000P / VL8300P/VL6500P/VL9000P

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Fluordive kit Bigblue FDKCF1800 FDK-VL/VTL

Fluorodive kit Bigblue FDKCF1800 FDK-VL/VTL

Sicence has descovered that the coral contains some fluorescent proteins invisible to the naked eye that jump into view using innovative high-intensity fluorolights and filters.

Bigblue fluorodive kits provide everything you need to experience this incredible beautiful effect. You get specially designed filters to precisely match the coral fluorescence wavelength, and yellow blue-barrier filters to increase the intensity of the colors emitted by the corals.

Those innovative kits are the only ones on the market that allow you to easily switch between blue and white light to accomodate changes in dive conditions. These kits are suitable for resorts, scientists, night divers, specialy photographers etc...

Truly there is nothing that can match the beauty of witnessing coral fluorescence on your next night dive !

Look at our customer pictures attached !

The fluorodive ki Bigblue FDKCF1800 is compatible with the following Bigblue lights :

- Bigblue VL3500P
- Bigblue VTL3100P
- Bigblue VTL3500P
- Bigblue VTL5500P
- Bigblue VL5800P
- Bigblue VTL6000P
- Bigblue VTL6300P
- Bigblue VL7500P
- Bigblue VL8300P
- Bigblue VL9000P

The kit includes:
- A blue filter for the light
- A deep blue filter for the light
- A yellow filter for the mask
- A protection box

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