Diving rebreather desinfectant SETIONE NITROX ABYSSNAUT

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Disinfectant for CCR, SCR, nitrox and oxygen regulators SEPTIONE NITROX

  • Disinfects the respiratory elements of the rebreather (false lungs, canister, corrugated hose, etc.).
  • Suitable for over-oxygenated mixtures such as Nitrox or pure Oxygen.
  • Antiseptic and disinfectant according to AFNOR EN1276 and EN1650 standards.
  • Dipping and rinsing process
  • Dilution 2% or 0.5% for 1L and 5L professional versions
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Diving rebreather desinfectant SETIONE NITROX ABYSSNAUT

Disinfectant for diving rebreathers and Nitrox and Oxygen regulators SEPTIONE NITROX Abyssnaut

With SeptiOne Nitrox, disinfect your rebreather like ringed tuayx, false lungs or canister and all your Nitrox or pure Oxygen regulators.

Validated according to the AFNOR standard, its properties are bactericidal and fungicidal. It is biodegradable.

SeptiOne NITROX is applied by soaking after dilution at 2% for the 250mL version or 0.5% for the professional versions 1L and 5L in clear water, followed by a careful rinsing.

The formulated desinfectant product has been tested according to the European AFNOR "antiseptic and disinfectant" procedures EN1276 and EN1650.



  • Economical: 0.5% Pro dilution, i.e. 1L of pure product for 200L of desinfectant solution.
    Standardized according to AFNOR EN1276 and EN1650 standards: bactericidal and fungicidal properties.
    Active ingredients: didecyldimethyl ammonium chloride/propanol tested for virucidity and algicidity.
    Perfectly dispersible in water
    Stable and efficient in cold conditions
    Rinses off easily

Packaging :

  • 250mL Flacon
    1L Flacon
    5L drum

Modes of application

Dilution of 2%: 1L of concentrated product makes it possible to obtain 50L of disinfectant solution for this consumer version.

Dilution of 0.5%: 1L of concentrated product makes it possible to obtain 200L of disinfecting solution for this professional version.

The equipment is disinfected by soaking it for 10 minutes in a volume of water to which an appropriate volume of product has been added beforehand. This soaking must be followed by a careful rinsing, mainly on the breathing apparatus.

Hazard identification

Classification according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP): refer to the MSDS

The product after dilution has no hazard classification.

Exceptional labelling: Use biocides with care. Read the label and product information before use.


Biodegradability of the solutions after dilution above 95%: the solutions must be discharged into a wastewater network.

Biodegradable product: under the action of living organisms external to its substance, it can decompose into various elements, "without any harmful effect on the natural environment".

Septione Nitrox Datasheet
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